Companion Moon

You are the moon

Orbiting my world

Controlling the tides

Of my emotional oceans

And directing the winds

That carry my dreams

Creating uncontrollable storms of passion

That pummel my mountainous desires

But shine your calming reflection

Across the stillness

Of my solemn lakes

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Wow!  The beauty of this poem

Wow!  The beauty of this poem made me dizzy.  I have been reading poetry for more than forty-five years, and I have rarely seen a metaphor, especially an outer space metaphor, used with such verbal dexterity.  The poem's length is exactly right---neither too short to be ineffective nor too long to be tedious.  Bravo!  Wow!


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Thank you so much for the

Thank you so much for the read and taking time to leave such a wonderful comment! Being a novice writer at best your words give me encouragement to continue to write but most important to share.  Thanks again for your words, they are much appreciated.

Some Thoughs run deep Like a well

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Oh yes, please continue to

Oh yes, please continue to write and post.  This poem is marvelous.


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