All Lives Matter

How am I

To live a meaningful life

In a world full of misery

Inhumanity and strife


To dodge all the pitfalls

That lead us all to sin

Knowing good and well

It’s a battle I’ll never win


How am I

To be able to cope

In a society full racism

And a world who’s lost hope


To be reassured of a future

Where mankind still has a place

On this planet we have treated

With devastation and disgrace


How am I

To teach my children to cope

To surpass my expectations

Is there even still hope?


Will they be left with a planet

Raped and poisoned beyond repair

A wasteland of religious hatred

Do we even really care?


How are “WE”

As a species expect to survive

If we all continue with the mind set

That only “MY” race and religion


Deserve to be alive.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

can't we all just get along......

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