Prayer for the one

I seldom pray. I know, my Lord.

I may have even lost the right

To come to you, to say a word

And ask for reverence and light.

But now I plead from all my tears,

Like I have never dared before

With no remorse or any fears.

It isn’t me I’m praying for.

I’m praying for the one I love,

For whom I could have given all

But only you who reigns above

Can mild that pain and light that soul.

I’m praying for the deepest eyes

That not an angel had possessed.

The one who moans, the one who cries…

Lord, may those lonely eyes be blessed.

I’m praying for the warmest heart

That now is freezing lacking light.

If you had given me a part

Of all the pain it bears at night!

Please, let me pray as minutes run

And stars appear in midnight coal.

For what if I’m the only one

To say a prayer for that soul?

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