Broken heart, don’t cry so long.

Come to me, I’ll hold you tight.

I know, his words were rude and strong,

But try to sleep a bit; it’s night.

He was so cruel to you, although,

That’s what men do. They often lie.

You’re not the first, and you must know

That time will cure your wounds. Don’t cry.

What’s that sound, my broken heart?

Are you weeping? Don’t, my dear.

Of course, he tore your dreams apart,

But you forget it. Wipe your tear.

He wasn’t just the man for you.

You’ll find your only one, I know.

It’s simply life. You’ll break it through.

Forgive him, dear, and let him go.

I know you hate him, little one.

And you are right, my broken heart.

I hate him too. What has he done?

How could he make you cry so hard?

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