Before you forget

Just a moment till daylight is through;

For the darkness will part us today

And the moonlight will seep into you

Fading my image away.

You’ll forget all the words I have said…

So, allow me to tell them, my dear.

Let my lips full of glimmering red

Spell the body and heart of my fear.

I can probably taste you today,

When the shadows this kiss shall erase

And your cheeks ever frozen shall stay,

As they did all those numerous days.

Can I ruffle the silk of your hair

On your forehead? I feel every strand

And the glow of your curls as they dare

Penetrate in the palm of my hand.

I embrace you so bitterly tight

For tomorrow this all will be dead;

Taken away by the night

Every touch, every kiss I have had.

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Regis Auffray's picture

Dear Ana,

Your verses are bittersweetly compelling. So nicely expressed. Thank you for sharing your gifts. Love and best wishes to you,