Elder love

We often hear that ones are small

And others are too old for love.

But life is love, and love is all.

Are all the centuries enough?

Do not expect a special day

To be allowed to share your heart.

If you want, you’ll find the way

And any age is good to start.

A love is never small or old.

It is just different, somehow.

A child loves when he is scold,

A husband loves when breaks his vow.

We never call it love those times

Because we always used to think

That love can only live in rhymes,

In golden sparks of wedding rings.

But love is always there, inside

Either when we laugh or cry.

Although sometimes we try to hide,

It’s hard to make this feeling die.

A love gets elder year by year.

It changes. We had time to laugh

And then it turned in pain and tears.

It’s our fault. Don’t blame the love.

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