Not a word

Not a word! The stars are sleeping

As the skylight gently swings

And the time is slowly creeping

Like a bird with broken wings.

You will leave me here, I know,

And I know you came to say

Adieu, but if you go,

Do it silently, I pray.

Not a word! Just stop and smile

At the magic and the thrill,

For this night is so fragile

That a single word will kill.

So, you turn around and walk

And I count your steps with fear.

God, I asked you not to talk,

But you’d better scream, my dear!

You should better lurch the sky

Waking up the stars, the moon.

Maybe they could tell me why

You decide to leave so soon?

Now the silence breaks my ears

In this cold, abandoned night.

I am here, alone, in tears,

As the moon is sleeping tight.

Even if we’ll never meet;

Not a word! Or else, I’ll die.

I’m a coward. I admit

I’m afraid to hear “good-bye”.

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I do so like this, it is very good.