Give me the autumn

Be so kind, and give me that autumn.

You don't cherish September at all.

In a box under bed, on the bottom,

You've forgotten my glimmering fall.

There it lies, unforgivably simple;

Nothing more than a blushy good-bye

And a childish kiss on your dimple,

That would echo a light in the eye.

It is burried in passionate madness

So the worries of teen-age are dead.

Such an autumn is nothing but sadness

If compared to the summers you've had.

And if so, would you please give it back?

I will buy it a beautiful chain

And will wear it like jewels on my neck,

As a tribute to thunder and rain.

I will love it like nobody will,

Just for nothing, for sheltering us

When we stood in the rain, on the sill,

Watching rain-pearls on yellowish grass.

What is autumn? Just gold on at ree.

You've had Augusts and Aprils instead.

But I need it, so give it to me.

It's the best of the autumns I've had.

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