Bitter Autumn

What has the autumn done to us?

That endless wind, that heavy rain…

Your fingers strangling the glass,

My eyes with tears and bitter pain…

It’s over now, though hurts a lot.

Forgive it please, the autumn’s game.

We could be happy, but we’re not.

Forsake its song, forget its name.

Why had the sky been cruel and dead?

How could it do it all to us?

It’s stolen happiness we’ve had,

And buried flowers into grass.

Forgive it all: The empty sky,

The trees so grey, the sun so red,

The inner feeling meant to die,

The bitter autumn we have had.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

wow...what a sweet poem is this...I went through few of your more poems and liked them too..hope you add more poems too..your subjects are impressive enough...wish you to go through my work too...