You Know You've Got Me Thinking

Well, you know you've got me thinking,

there's no need for me to cry,

'cause my tears, they ain't changed nothing,

since the time we said goodbye.


They can't bring us back together. I'm so distant from your charms.

Tears, though, always here in falling, 'til you're back within my arms.


Oh, you know you've got me thinking,

blind I've been, dear, all the while,

'cause the lone thing I still see here,

is the beauty in your smile.


I still long for all the comforts that you placed within my heart.

Love's clear face, still what I'm seeing, like I saw straight from the start.


Yeah, you know you've got me thinking,

where I still strum my guitar,

through these hours well past midnight,

perched as one beneath a star.


Cannot come to quit believing, 'cause the song, it's not to change.

Ode to love, my own for giving, and these ways I praise your name.


Dear, you know you've got me thinking,

got me thinking, there's a way.

We could start a new beginning,

should you come on back my way.

Yes, it's true, you've got me thinking,

got me thinking through the day.

All my thoughts here never ending,

yet these words I'm yet to say.

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