If We Come To Trace The Music

If we come to trace the music...will our bodies come to dance?

Wii the melody enclose us...through the waves of deep romance?


Will we come to groove together...while our tempos take the lead?

If we come to trace the music...will it bring us what we need?


If we come to trace the Summer...will the sunlight show our way?

Will the ways of life arouse us...as each movement comes in play?


Will the tunes of love confirm us...in the ways that love should be?

If we come to trace the Summer...will our passions fall in key?


If we come to trace the starlight...will it nestle in our eyes?

Will I hold you in the moonlight...finding peace within your sighs?


Will we drift into the silence...of a passionate embrace?

If we come to trace the moonlight...will "in love" become the place?

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