Love, Can You Awaken? (Song)

Love, can you awaken? You've again been on my mind.

You could never be mistaken, once your joys have been intwined.

Come to set my heart to pounding, here within the elm tree shade.

Tell me, love can you awaken? You're the reason why I prayed.


Love, can you come find me? I've been dreaming like a child.

May the butterflies remind me, of the last place where you smiled.

Please arrive with all the blessings, I'm to hope will never end.

Tell me, love can you awaken? You're my true and dearest friend.


Love, can you awaken? Soft your touch I search to find.

You could never be mis-spoken, overshadowed, nor outshined.

For to leave this here in silence, be to stifle bells to ring.

Tell me, love can you awaken? Yours the song I long to sing.


Love, may I come praise you? Through your light I came to see.

There be nothing that could phase us, while our faith is flowing free.

Come to guide me into sunlight. Wing your grace upon the view.

Tell me, love can you awaken? You're of beauties always true.

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