Oh, love grows in our garden, 'neath the heavens wide and blue.

Though 'til I found you present, love like this I never knew.

Prevailings of our blessings, ode to patience, faith and prayer,

We plant the seeds together in this garden that we share.


Our love now in the spirit. Grace of God to show our way,

to bring us true contentment shining light upon our day.

God's plan so meant to guide us. All our hopes alive and free.

My darling, here among you, so in love I've come to be.


The rains upon our garden, so much like our joy-felt tears.

Our love; of cleansing nature, and to be throughout the years.

The sunrays on our garden, to create what's life anew.

Your grace to be my glory through each moment spent with you.


Love grows within our garden, filled with promise rich and true.

Yet not that much could grow here, if it wasn't, dear, for you.

Can't grow this love without you. Just in prayer such love would be,

if time spent on this garden hadn't found you here with me.


Love's promise everlasting, 

unconditional and free.

True love grows in our garden.

Such a pleasant place to be.

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love grows

This is a beautiful love poem. I like the way you have incorporated
God into your love poem. He truely is love, and can make the way
for each of us. Well written and enjoyable to read...Nice work.

new_wave_franky's picture

Thanks so very much...

Thanks so very much for your kind comments on this, as they truly come to inspire me. I'm just glad that you enjoyed this, and saw it in a positive and meaningful way. I always enjoy writing about love, and it is the thought of a love to be shared within a spiritual light in which I often attempt to express within my poems. Again, I sincerely appreciate your kind words on this.



March 27, 2011.

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I dislike writting love poems

I dislike writting love poems personaly, but i found this one very interesting and sweet 

love it should be on a card lol

One ♥


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Thanks so much for your kind comments...

Thanks so much for your kind comments on this, as I really appreciate well as the time you took to read this. I had just wanted to try and come up with something that was true to my emotions. I had felt inspired at the time by the thought of love, and wanted to attempt to relate those feelings. I'm just glad that you enjoyed this, and would again like to thank you for your kind and considerate words. I look forward to reading and commenting on your poetry in the near future. Take care.