We pondered on the puddles, we pondered on the rain.

We pondered all the feelings...we couldn't quite explain.

We pondered innovation, and we pondered dated views.

We pondered unsung fortune...then we pondered our bad news.

We pondered our sensations, and we pondered what they seemed.

We pondered love's creations...and we pondered why we dreamed.

We pondered all the flowers, (pre and post the morning showers.)

We pondered all God's powers, (through a play of passing hours.)

We pondered inspiration, and we pondered higher soul.

We pondered jubilation...and we pondered rocks to roll.

We pondered dark emotion, then we pondered much the same,

the curse of words unspoken...then we pondered in refrain.

We pondered all the questions, through the stories that were told.

We pondered our confessions...then we pondered growing old.

And through it all we found it, yes we found it all too true,

'twas no need left to ponder,

...for already had we knew.

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David Kapp's picture

This is a really amazing, poem. it flows very well and really paints a picture in my head, very good poem from a great writer :)