Rejoice for the day! Oh, rejoice for the day!

Another new day set to find us at play!

The skies are now bright, and our grounds are alight!

Rejoice for this wonderful, wonderful day!

Alive we shall be! So alive we shall be!

A passage to peace for as far as we see!

Our spirits are free, and our songs are in key,

our hearts stored with glee, so alive you and me!

The world is ours! Oh, the world is ours!

The land and the sea and the clouds and the stars!

Among all we've found oh such hopes are abound,

the world is ours up and down and around!

Poetic the scene, so poetic the scene!

We came unto here in the wake of a dream!

And now, be it true, such a beautiful view!

Rejoice for the day, oh so grand and anew!

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vilmazab's picture

Beautiful poem, with good rhyming and thought!

rosalind's picture

Sincerely, it is beautiful, life is a gift and a miracle.