See you through a point of view...that isn't much like mine

See it through the ways you do...then send it down the line

Ya know you're festive; chorded vibes...and well in tune to love

See you through a dream anew...come, baby, ride above

I think "Cobain" inside the rain...and sometime through the pain

There'll be no doubt, they'll sell me out...all truth to die in vain

And though at times, I surly thought,...I'd see things like ya do

I've found you out, within your doubt...'Could never see you through

But maybe for the moment,

we'll go shining through the light

And somehow, don't ya know it

we'll spread wings of ultra flight

Deeper now,

our love to flow

Illusions all we know

Spread the sound,

it's comin' 'round

New music for the soul

Wings of ultra, ultra flight

The skies await the sun

Forever true old love we knew

Come let your song be sung

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by old X-Men comics, and 2 shots of vodka.

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