Strung out on Billy Corgan...

it's my theatre of thought.

What I've heard, and what I've seen...

disproving what I'm not.

Strung out on Billy Corgan...

it's my destiny of soul.

Where I go, and where I'll be

no longer in control.

Abstract castles in a row...

imagination blooms.

I'm the love she took for dead...

back down the path to ruins.

Shade-drawn eyes where candles glow

and music shatters glass.

We're still in key, the gig is free,

no better place to crash.

Underlining statements fall

awaken now your dreams

Ways of echoed voices call;

lend words to our extremes.

Strung out on Billy Corgan...

we're all strangers on the run.

Here I grieve in double speed...

She's still my only one.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The overall idea here is designed to come across as mainstream type fiction. Hence, the girl this dude liked always listened to The Smashing Pumpkins music, and when they broke up he wrote a poem pertaining to both the music, and the end of their relationship.

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