Oh, can she still remember the meaning of the song?

And can she be so clever, to prove it all was wrong?

Among the sound of thunder, oh must it flee in vain;

the passions of her wonder...beneath the valley rain?

Oh, can we be together, the way we were before?

Or is this next to never; what seemed "forevermore?"

Among my rose and candle...another lines in bloom,

to cure all the reasons, and medicate my gloom.

All love in distant hindsight, yet still like light anew.

Divine the recollection...that upholds a finer view.

For I still hear the music...she placed it in my heart.

'Still hear the song she gave me...yeah, it always plays a part.

Oh, am I but a fool...just confessing foiled vows?

Elusive fashion jewel, how my dreams you still arouse.

Content to etch this portriat, dead romance in faded blue.

Oh, can you still remember...these ways in which I do?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I want to publish a book filled with only "lost love poems" someday. I like to write these type of poems because they help me reach my deepest inner emotions. Plus, it is a good opportunity for me to chill out for a spell.

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