Once Upon A Daydream

"We offer our necks to those vamps out for blood...

I stir up the dirt, just to turn it to mud."

So, once upon a daydream with the Summer in my eyes,

I focused on a misfit scene that warned of new demise.

Still yet to fade the vision that was clear, and trite and true,

abrasions called me onward to debate the current view.

Conditioned through the wonder, I was distantly profound,

but no one chose to rock me, it was corporation ground.

Asleep inside the moment, we were romance in the shade.

Oh, once upon a daydream I woke up to make the grade.

Yeah, once upon a daydream with nirvana inner-soul,

I meshed the passive shatters with a groove from David Grohl.

So "Cobain" to the riddles of the thunder through the rain,

I offered up them feelings that would later take the blame.

No need to now explain

in daydreams we're the same.

A new day in the making, now we're utterly in key,

to further my ammusement, drunk on penney royal tea.

At ease within the moment, we're all songs that yet we've done.

Oh, once upon a daydream, I woke up to grant the sun.

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