you put all the weight on me

baby, you put all the weight on me.

so heavy, so uncaring.

you expect for me to always be here to figure it all out, and put it to words...or music.

and, what's more, you think i have no emotions, like it all just flows out of me like a faucet or something.

oh, you figure...he's just him...he'll take care of everything...he's not really even real or something.

well,you know for awhile there you almost had me believing you.

you almost had me believing that i wasn't even a real person or something.

and i wanted a lot of ways i actually wanted to believe that.

because that's what it always feels like now.

that's what it

i had never dreamed that it would eventually get to this point to where i would become completely deaf to the sound of my own voice calling out for help.

but that's what it is...and that's where we have arrived.

finish me off now, tonight, my love.

crush me.

promise me.

silence me.

end me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poem about drug addiction. I elected to write it in the "first person" because it sounded more sincere that way.

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