We Have Become

We have become

like the love I have dreamed of.

We have become

blissful vibes felt within.

We have become

all the love I believe in.

We have now found 

a new path to begin.


We have become

gentle peace of the spirit.

We have become 

joy that's spoken out loud.

We have become 

all of faith ever present.

We have become

like a kiss in a cloud.


We have become

like a rainbow of promise,

to bask in these blessings

of heavenly grace.

We have become

like the sunrays upon us,

confirming love's warmth

in a timeless embrace.


We have become

joyful voices that sing now.

We have become

heart-felt reasons to dance.

We have become

gifts of light to bestow now.

We have become

that of epic romance.


So now may we share

all these comforts that found us.

And now may I sing you

these songs from my soul.

And now may we share

all this beauty around us.

A circle once broken

has now become full.

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on earth. Quaint and lovely world with no darkness anywhere. That would be nice. - slc



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Thank You for your kind and uplifting comments...

Thank You so much for both reading and commenting on my poem. It means a great deal to me to know that you came to find this worthwhile. I remember feeling inspired and at ease when I wrote it. Thanks again for your kind and uplifting comments in relationship to my work. Take care.



July 7, 2019.