Sometimes I Gaze

Sometimes I gaze deeply into the starlight,

while tranquil emotion assures my content,

inspired in ways that I long for conveying,

at ease to the breeze, and the cedar tree scent.


Sometimes I gaze upon butterflies winging,

while heart-warming visions dance dream-like and new,

reflecting the awe, unto which I'm held captive,

as soulful contentment enhances the view.


Sometimes I gaze like a passionate child,

straight into the drenchings of hard falling rain,

quite moved by the ways of romanticized wonder,

while blastings of thunder pound over the lane.


And sometimes I gaze into clear inner beauties,

where faith glows eternal, among all that's real,

declaring God's grace be alive in an angel,

and love comes alive through the light you reveal.

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Sky's picture

A very relaxing read

Relaxing yet inspiring. Well done!

We'll just keep writing 'til there's nothing left to write.

We'll just keep waiting 'til they read all our works left to right.

new_wave_franky's picture

Thank You so much...

Thank You so much for both reading and commenting on this. I'm just glad that you enjoyed it, and found it worthwhile. I highly appreciate your kind and encouraging feedback on my poem.






July 5, 2018.