A Child At Heart

Forever a song that is simple but true.

For always a prayer meant to carry us through.

For lost in the moment, though clearly at hand.

I'm sworn to these ways now, wherever I stand.


Forever my faith for the sake of a dream.

For always your grace to awaken the scene.

For maybe in passing, but never to flee.

I'm ode to this view now, however I see.


For surly a dream that's alive in my eyes,

is glowing anew when the sunlight applies.

'Cause all to be true now, what called from the start.

Please pray for the soul of a child at heart.


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God Grant You Peace

and more joy and child at heart calm. :D



Blackwingedbird's picture

Nice read.

Nice read.

new_wave_franky's picture

Thank you so much...

Thank you so much. I'm just glad you came to both read and enjoy this. I sincerely appreciate your feedback on my poem.



New Wave Franky

September 14, 2017.