May I Thank You Abigail? (Song Lyrics from my past)

May I thank you Abigail?

I'm now closer to the sun.

I found hope within love's fable,

and the soul to share as one.

Once was stranded, spun in travel,

with gray stormclouds in my head.

I'm now looking to the Summer,

tracing faith in all you've said.


Yeah, I thank you Abigail,

your sweet colors glow sublime.

White glass dove upon my table,

and your smile right on time.

Once was faded, void of reason,

with bleak hauntings on my mind.

I'm now tranquil to the season,

meshing poesy with the rhyme.


May I thank you Abigail?

Peace within your valley grows.

Here beside you all turns fragrant,

much like gracings from the rose.

Once was downbeat on the outskirts,

with cold concrete 'neath my feet.

I'm now swingin' up the pathway,

where the breeze blows warm and sweet.


Yes, I thank you Abigail.

I'm to praise our bliss at hand,

'cause among you now I'm able

to trace comfort where I stand.

Once was grounded, set for breakin',

drownin' hardcore in my shame.

I'm now new life that's awakened,

not afraid of takin' aim.

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Wow, just wow. That is

Wow, just wow. That is unbelievably extraordinary. I felt it; I sang it. It resonates like wind against the water. It creates ripples. It's melodic, insightful, deep... oh my god it's just fantastic... how did you write this.... you are a genius

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Thank you for your wonderful, inspiring critique...

Thank you so much for your wonderful, inspiring critique. It really means a lot to me to know that you enjoyed this, and came to find it worthwhile. I remember just trying to make it come across like song lyrics, and I had felt moved in a peaceful way at the time. Your warm and thoughtful comments are truly appreciated, as I am so very glad that you came to view my poem in such a meaningful and colorful type of a way. Take care, and thank you again for your lovely critique on my work.