Teardrops Ode To Heartache

Ways of heart again in calling,

she reflected on a love,

while the rain came gently falling,

from the Summer skies above.


Now those teardrops ode to heartache,

came in falling like the rain,

out to hint upon a heartbreak,

where the stormclouds found her pain.


To her heart so spoke the passion,

though unspoken seemed the day.

Sounds of thunder soon in crashin',

filled those Summer skies of gray.


Once to know of love forever,

once to share a timeless dance,

had the depth of her endeavor

only shared her half a chance.


Gentle teardrops ode to heartache,

where clear eyes could not sustain

sunlit skies to stop the heartbreak.

Love now lost out in the rain.

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Dear God, you're like a

Dear God, you're like a modern Yeats. Are you published by chance? You must be; your work is just too powerful not to be.