The test

Family and Friends

Did you see me?

Did you see me get up just now?

Did you see me go to the kitchen?

Did you see me open the drawer

    second from the left?

Did you see me return

    with the knife

       now at my feet?

Did you see me cut

    my pretty little wrist?

Do you see the blood now on the floor?

    You should

You were...have been...are sitting right here.

Aren't you going to call

    the police...the ambulance...someone?

Aren't you at least going to cry...

    Maybe yell at me again

         for messing up your life once more?

Can't you see my blood?

    Don't you care?

As I sit here

    staring at my slit wrist

fading in and out from the loss of blood,

    I look up into your apathetic eyes

And smile at the irony

    how you failed the test.

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