Give me a break… I am PMS ing!

I may slap you, curse you, smack you
Don’t get too serious, its monthly fun
I am PMS ing and my trauma is true
Be my gentleman and Pass My Shotgun

I may hate your friends and knock them down
Be any handsome man or cute chick
Don’t get them here when I am around
I am PMS ing, People Make me Sick

I may laugh out loud at your silly jokes
And the very next moment won’t find them funny
That catastrophic emotional trauma pokes
I am PMS ing, its Psychotic Mood Shift honey

Every month, within me I sense this ruinous storm
It’s not me honey, this phantom is Premenstrual Syndrome

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this is so funny!! i love it! and totally describes the feeling girls have while they are PMS -ing. lol

-- Jordan <3

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PMS Psychosis

I've lost jobs PMSing - at 62, it's a whole new vibe, evenness, calm, focusing on health, doctor visits substitute for dating, avoiding certain foods, walking a lot - and writing - Loved the walk down psychotic's memory lane, I am your most accolade filled ~~~ Lady A