Stuck in isolation I lounge in a nearby corner,
hands around my knees, head resting on my arms.
I am in a dark place, unable to escape my twisted mind.
it's taking over me, transforming into this vulnerable victim.
I feel as if i am nothing... I don't own any part of "ME".
Tasty aren't I? I am the treat 4 today. Everyone and everything takes a piece of me.
Words of criticism rip into my flesh, their hands grasping my lungs, choking me, i cant breath!
... leaving me to nothing once again.
my vision blurrs as i melt into the cracks of a shattered soul,
these tears I cry, the blame I hold...
What is left?
Nothing but a wandering soul.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

All poems don't have to rhyme.

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I love the poem i been there

I love the poem i been there so many times its great you put pain down on paper i do the same thing so i can heal i wish nothing but peace for you one love