Dear Self-Image

Dear self-image


Hi. I hear them too.Walking down the hallway,sitting in class. I hear the whispers that are so clear, they might as well be shouting. I look but see nothing. I close my eyes and hear everything. But when I open the whispers stop. Not because they see me watch them but because then I'm not alone. I hear the whispers but they are not bad as they only talk about Their mums or dads or work or school or life. Not about me. Not about us. All the fat jokes that leave my mouth hurt more than anyone can do to me. Thinking that if I insult myself, then they can't. But they don't insult me not because they don't have to because they don't want to. They are my friends. I see them nearly everyday. They are the ones who help the pain go away. Not because im depressed, not because I'm sad and not because we share the same waist line because we don't. Every single one of us. All neat or freaks. We're all different not because we choose to be. i am what I am and they accept me, not because im funny, not because im fat, but because we help each other when life gets bad. So yes I hear the whispers. The ones that aren't there. I hear the whispers that you yell down my ear. That everytime I walk past a model, you shout in my brain "she thinks your fat, remeber this pain" or when I have a shower and look in the mirror you yell "You too fat, fatter than this mirror" so dear self image. I would like to say "stop the ideas of starvation in my head everyday" or "stop the insults" because I've had enough. You can't stop bullying when it's only in your brain. Stop making me turn on my friends each day. Bulimia is serious not to joke around. Stop telling me to starve myself. To get the perfect waist line or just to fit in because my friends love me. And I love them. So dear Self image. Please make it stop. I like myself so enough is enough.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hi. This is my first poem. I'm sorry if it's long or bad I just love poems. Please message me for any improvements. Thank you!

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Dear Voice In My Head

Knobby kneed, gray haired

senior with too many cheers

coming from the innards

these days.


Keep it up, I need

the support. :D