my love was your game

it all started without a single plan

how did it happen..and why did it end like that?

all i wanted is to give you my all

but you broke my heart,you killed my soul

and it now feels painfully bad

that you don't even give me the reason why you've become mad

and i have to overthink and helplessly lie..

on my bed..and wet my pillow with tears in my eyes

it tears me apart..that you're the reason why

Now i keep on crying every night

and even if i mistake..

why do you treat me as harsh as plague?

i apologize..i show you and prove to you that i will stay

no matter how hard it gets..and how hard you're going to make me pay

and moreover i trusted you and i expected you to appreciate..

but it all seemed like i was your toy and it was your game..

you used me....rated me..hated me and called me names

judged me..broke me..just only to reach your aim

i remember your  promises, but unforutnately they were fake

you made me trust you and believe you..and made me feel special one day

i loved you with every piece of my heart..that's the truth and i don't claim

i thought you meant your words that you always had the chance to say..

you sweared to never cheat..and to never betray

it looks like you fooled me..and you left my heart bleeding in ache

what did i ever do to you? why have you changed?!

you said that you loved me..and i felt the same 

now your actions proved you wrong..and it feels so lame

what made you do this to me? what would you gain?

were you having fun?were you doing this out of fame?

all i do is to keep wondering and asking myself questions in no vain

i'am out of my made me lose my brain.

i'm speechless...tired and sick of myself to have believed you oneday

i believed your sugarcoated words..and trusted that you would never leave me in pain

but i was wrong..because now you leave my crying tears just as rivers and rain..

you no longer ask..and never ever really did care..

you lied when you once said.."our love is in the air"

let me tell you what i figured out too late..

our love never existed,and never was there! 


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