you are what you choose

you are the one to choose

either to gain or to lose

but don't create an excuse

either accept or just refuse

give your thoughts a chance to diffuse

your mind deserves to disabuse ..

your heart is to feel and your mind is to be used

connect them togethor and get them to be fused 

to reach the perfect answer which is totally approved

Be confident..and do what you believe in and what you choose

people will bring you down..but your choice is to be free or to be mentally abused

it's your choice to let go of negative thoughts or to be fooled...

some will encourage you..and others will be cruel..

many will advise you..while the rest will be rude

hundreds willthink you're right and thousands will believe you're insecure

you will face struggles and countless misleading disputes

don't listen to anyone..pretend as if people are mute..

as long as you want to achieve and to compute

haters will minimize your success..because some souls are jelouse and impure

not everyone will cheer for your greatness but only few will do !!

your life..your future..your goals..and you are the one to rule..!!

maybe you have the will to go on ..but you need to find a clue

you need to hear encouragement and support to forwardly move..

don't wait for anyone to push you out of the blue 

believe in yourself ..take the risk unique and due.


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