the strongest of them all

the strongest of them all

suddenly broke and had to fall

a heart made of stones

turned into aches and coal

the independant Bold

is now a body without a soul

the fastest had chosen to crawl

tears were like the rainfall

like a stormy night with a snowfall 

bent down and leaning to a wall

overthinking,hurt..and depressed overall

the wisest burning like a fireball

you won't won't know

only you will, if you looked her in the eyeball

the one who always spoke about Hope..

broke down in tears and got bored

she can't take it anymore..

stressed , unhappy and sore.

where's your dream? where's your Goal?

it was big..but now it's too small.

WAKE UP,Don't sit on the floor

look again for your dreams

like a pilot searching for the seashore.

stand up for your aim..and open the closed doors

even if the door is locked ,you can still look through it's hole.

believe in yourself a little bit more..

smile're the strongest of them all 


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