I've searched the world to find someone with so much care..but I found no one like you. I've seeked so much attention and love in so many people..but still couldn't find the right one. You've couvered me with the passion of your kindness and the fragnance of your friendliness!!! You've filled my heart with hope, optimism and positivity.you made me believe in my own will to infinity. And if I could ever thank you for being a father a friend and a brother, iwould be speechless to tell you how much you mean to me just like a lover!!! Your words are pushing me to success..your in your presence I never know stress. You are amazing ..you are a bless!! Abroad far away from me...and still you are go away again and leaving me ...you might be so far but yet to my heart so near. But we are never apart cuz we are connected heart to heart. You are just like a candle that lightened our life...brought hope, happiness and took away any fright. Your hug is warm and makes me feel safely alive. You are always there for me at anytime.. you have become so important to me just like ny sight. I've seen my self through you. You made me believe that it is true..that for every impossible there is a clue!! Thanks to you I've aquired more confidence and I've believed more in my intelligence. I've seen yet no one like you...!! When you leave, my soul will literally fade. Cuz I've lost more than a soulmate . i will miss you my uncle !!

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