unplanned meeting

after weeks of waiting ...

strongly patient without a demand

it happened to fate to play its role

and stuck my hands!!


i swear i didn't mean to ignore you..or i would ever do that

but it seemed as if i your expectations went imaginary and somehow bad.

if only i could re-play again that stand!

then i could have showed you what you meant to me with a blast.


i put you in an unpleasant situation..

but that was obviously out of my hand!


i know how it feels like to wait for someone for too long so bad,

and when you get the chance to see them. you just can't !

it is really hurtful and sad..

however, you need someone who would logically understand.


you couldn't fit in that group..you were banned.

that's the reason why you couldn't get nearer,as if it was a remand.

i couldn't also come to you!i couldn't get out of the group

they had the controling rough upper hand.


saying that excuse..is killing me with a stab

because i know that if you care about someone,

you would give them your time no matter what faced you in any circumstance.


i knew you saw me !! and i just gave you a glance.

i waved to you! so you lost hope. and went back.

i sat there ashamed,scared and just like crap..

i never imagined that this meeting would go like that.

everything just happened randomly without a plan.

and because i know you came to see me...

i am dying inside for making you think you were scammed.


i'll ask for forgivness and apologize in a strongstand.

i will explain what you misunderstand.

but after i did..and i hoped for another chance...

i was misunderstood and underestimated in advance.

i'm really not down , broken or sad..

am grateful for  the situations that show us who really matters..and who was a trap

i just want to say at the end...I'M SORRY AND THANKS !

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