whats the end?

Now what's the end? 

you assume me a lover or a friend?


your sugar coated words..and your outstanding trend

is it all to express your love or is it all a pretend?


i'm lost in your world and i don't know where's the end?

Is this is your heaven? Or am I already in hell?


But why can't you tell?

the reason behind your care and help.


are you the flirty type and you think it's strength?

to make every girl you know ,think you love her 

But no one knows how's going to be the end??


now give me an answer...i've waited too much

i've given you many chances to see..

if you're gonna say what you truly think of me

cuz it really hurts to 

never know what the a person thinks of you

especially when you they're sweet and very close to you


Don't leave me there just hanging 

not knowing if you love me  or you're just scamming?


expectations really hurt, i'm strong and i never want my heart to be burnt

so tell me what do you want from me?

you either stop being extra sweet 

or you admit your love and say what you feel !!

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