it hurts

it hurts to miss someone really bad,

that you can't sleep at night because of that,


it hurts so much to cry at night

because you can't get him out of your mind


it hurts to feel that, he might have forgotten you

and you have nothing in your hands to do.


it hurts to get flashbacks

from memories you had togethor in the past 


it hurts to think about him everyday

you imagine his presence and it blows your mind away.


it hurts to appear and pretend as if you are okay,

while you miss him and your heart is in ache.


it hurts to say "I'm fine".

the truth is behind your lies ..because of that broken smile


it hurts to have that empty feeling in your heart

that you cry when you remember him and it tears you apart .


it hurts to wonder if he misses you too ..

or at least if he thinks  about you as much a you do..


it hurts to stay awake every night 

because he's on your mind.


it hurts to see him in your dreams..

but suddenly you wake up and wish it was real..



it hurts to wait..and wait..and wait..

and finally believing in the destiny and fate,


it really hurts to miss someone that you can't live without..

you try to control feelings,

but you can't control your tears, i doubt ! 

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There's the physically

There's the physically hurting and the emotionally hurting. Physical hurting goes a way after a while, either a short while or a long while, but it goes away. Emotionally hurting....that might stay with a person until the person's own end. :( 

Feelings....sometimes i feel like i can live without them. There's always that strong urge to break down, but then i realize i'm in public. :/

Nadine_18magdy's picture really really hurts really really hurts to miss someone you know you can't see him anymore...

thanks 4 the comment

Nadine Magdy <3