how to deal with life


be happy for a while

as long as the sun still shines

you have to dream..and never get tired


don't worry 

don't cry,

there's always another chance to try

believe in God and everything is gonna be fine


it is not the end of the world.

 don't lose hope

still you have to fight

untill you achieve your goal


life is just a game and you're gonna join it's trial 

 you can choose to be  a toy or be the player

so make sure that what you choose

can be at anytime a betrayer 



life is a ride..

enjoy or scream

at last it's your choice and your dream 

don't always believe what you see or what you hear


listen to the advice and use it for your own good

 we r not controlling u. but trust me you should !!

save it for the time in need

and it is gonna help you indeed!!



we are the creators of our own destinies !!

so let's work hard on it to get what we please

without lies, cheats or any deceits.

 and at last ,do good to everyone so that you can peacefully sleep !!! 


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