it is not just a sport 

it is not just a dance

it is a classic art .

i'm ballerina and i will answer if you ask 


Ballet is an attitude

it is a life's style 

Ballet is an expression

it is a musical rhyme


it is not as easy as you think

it is hard and tough a little bit

jumping in the air and flying so high,

running with a shoe that can make you slip at anytime


walking and standing on your toes for hours 

wearing a pointe shoes feels like you want to crawl

but a ballerina never looks down or frown

cuz on her head there must be a crown ..


a Ballerina's head's always held high

even if the lights hit her eyes 

still she controls it in her mind

and meets the audience with a pretty smile :)


a Ballerina leans with the music..and for every position ,there's a new stand  

and even if she falls down,

she makes it a part of the dance 

she's got a mind that corrects her mistakes and works perfectly fast



with every piruette she spins around

 like a cyclone that  hits the ground

wearing her beautiful attractive gown

and in her love many people drown 



a ballerina is strong and hardly cries

so don't judge her,

 unless you've walked in her pointe shoes for a mile

she is determined and smart..

and knows how to handle her stress

and she's aware of the traps and tricks 


Ballet can't be defined cuz it is not just a word .

it has a great meaning and it is difficult for some people to understand

few people will get it right cuz it is the true meaning of romance 

and by every glance....there's a new stand .

it is the only thing that will make you relax

watching tender dancers and enjoying the  pure musical dance !!



I'm a Ballerina and i said what i've been through

Ballet is an amazing experience and study too

you get fans and get popular by every show..


and everytime i dance, i forget my problems and life seems so cool

cuz a Ballerina's ear studies the music and understands every tune

when it is time to stop and when it is time to go...!!

Ballet is an aim and an outstanding sweet goal !!

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