MIRA and MIRNA happy birthday to you

two sweet girls 

twins and cute 

they play piano and violin too !

they made my life 

and i owe them gratitude.


we're sisters and friends

and just like cousins too

we sometimes laugh about silly things

but it makes us over the moon !!


i miss you girls  so much and i want you too

if only i had wings , i would certainly fly to you <3

i want to meet you, face to face..not through a screen .it feels like a jail :(


you are the sweetest twins ever

just like the sun and the moon

you brighten our day and night 

cuz you girls rule ;)


i wish you a happy birthday

and alot of success!!

you deserve everything beautiful and i wish all the best

may your dreams come true!! 

Mira and Mirna , I love you !!

Happy, joyful, amazing ,birthday to you <3 

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