take the chance

Don't miss the chance

cuz it might never come back


it sometimes happens once in a life time and u know that..

so try not to miss it ..cuz u might regret it  really bad.


chances are meant to be people who cross ur path

chances are meant to be jobs and careers that can be in  ur hands

chances are meant to be everything in life that can puch u to success,

and later on u should be thankful in advance.



meeting new people and making new friends can be a chance

to get a social life and develop ur career somehow fast

which creates for you another chance..

to see the true ones who will stand by your back

and the fake ones who smile and wear masks ...



it is the chances that keeps u strongly stand!!

to look froward to the future and forget the past!!

just make sure that chances sometimes won't last..

so whenever u find the right chance,

take it and never look back !!

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