my crush

from the first time i saw you

and the first time you walked by

i froze in my steps and i got butterflies


and dont ask me WHY?!

cuz i just fell for no reason and i can't deny


and as i look into your eyes

my heart beats so fast 

and it makes me want to fly


before i sleep at night

i think of u .and it keeps me alright

and whenever i hear your name...i magically smile :)


i liked you from the first sight

you're weight,height and your size 

you are  really sweet and  kind 

and your eyes glow with pride .


i can proudly say it anytime

that you are my crush without a crime

cuz i'm sure no one can decline

as they all know  how sexy you are 

so i guess it's all fine !!


Everytime you smile,you jut take my breath away 

you're presence keeps me warm and safe

i bet that you're any girl's dream soulmate 


i wonder if we could ever have a chance to dance

togethor and sway..!!

on a hot summer's day

under a refreshing tree's shade 


i believe in destiny and fate

so if it's not meant for us to go on a date

i wont be sad...cuz your picture will always be on my mind

and will certainly never fade :) 



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It is not always about a

It is not always about a future with the person, but more about those things we learn opening doors to bring us the abundance (not necessarily material) everyone is rightfully deserving of.


Good luck. You ar an awesome writer.



...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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omg !! thank you so much !!!

omg !! thank you so much !!! =D am glad u liked that poem !! i hope u will read the rest of my poems and tell me your opinion !!

Nadine Magdy <3