sad and unlucky but there's still hope

ever felt unlucky?!
ever felt sad and everything sounded yucky?!

could it get anyworse?!
could it get any miserable?!
am down,sad and feeling invisible.

am bad luck.i even feel that am stuck
am ignored and no one gives a me please God!!

but then i hear a voice in my head saying:
"U r strong ...U r never wrong"
"U r fine and lucky..U just forgot"
"smile and pray,every one wants happiness and no one wants pain"
"But u cant make a rainbow without a little rain"

i then stopped and looked around me
i started to think and think
i believed that voice in my head...and i trusted it aswell
i then said "i can do no bad luck"
"i will cheer up there's nothing called hard luck"
"But what am i supposed to do? i still feel down and sad"

then that voice answered me again:
"pary ...pray..pray to God"
"pray to forget and to give u a better luck"
"smile to the world and be grateful..thank God for making u even for one day successful"

i stopped and gazed for a second
i'm lucky . yes i am !
that voice in my head is making me lucky!
i can still cheer up myself by myself
cuz am the one who knows how it felt..!!
it is me who can get over it but no one ele
people sometimes should be strong and fix their problems by themselves.

there's still hope ...
it will teach me how to cope
and struggle through the difficulties
and beat all the worries!!!

there's still another chance
i will go on under any circumstance
there will be a new start
and i will be lucky again

if there are no ups and downs in our lives it means we're dead
so let's make a difference as it is always said
we are lucky ..we are blessed !!

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