valentine's day

and here's a poem for the valentine's day:

not having a date doesnt mean that u cant celebrate on the valentine's day ,

-->a single girl thinking to her self:
feeling so desperate and sad....everyone's happy on that day
except for me cuz i dont have a date,
i feel so unlucky and so uncool...
not expecting a gift from a guy makes me feel so fool x-(
--->my reply to her :

why r u so sad? why r u mad? dont u love ur mom, dont u love ur dad?
and am sure that they can be the best date u've ever had !!
valentine's day is not just only for couples...its for sisters and brothers,moms and dads,
grannies and neighbours , friends and mates,teachers and cousins ,kids and adults ? for me and u and for everyone

give them ur love and they will give u theirs too
thats the best gift from them to u ...
u must be happy and know that u're lucky. cuz u have them all around u caring and loving !!

do u only wanna get a teddy bear on that day? is it the only thing ur worrying about?!
that gift can hide many lies and betray....!!!!
maybe a simple sentence can hold many gifts inside it is enough

think of them all and how they deeply love u and care for u !!!
and wait cuz there will be one day when u will get ur date and feel how valentine's day is so great!!

just live ur life and lets all celebrate on that valentine's day ...
cuz i love u ..and i love them all

lets make it a special one for us all,
cuz love is the only thing that keeps us along

BE HAPPY ...cuz there's someone loving u :)

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