love and care

one of the best feelings ever is to be loved
not only by ur boyfriend,husband of fiance..
to be loved is to find love and care
from ur mom ur dad ur family and friends

the second most important feeling which is valueless without love
is to be cared about..
and this is all by love

and to be loved and cared about , u should love too and care about..
and love is based mostly on is respect
respect everyone and love them..cuz respect is earned not gained

start a new begining with love...and care for everyone
stop the hate and stay neutral..
keep calm and make love mutual !!

keep ur heads high by always doing the right
never let them underestimate u or make u disatisfied..

BE above them...even if they will try to grab u down
do the right that will benefit u..cuz oneday we will be burried underground

love and and glore
keep in ur mind that by love u will never be alone

cuz just only the feeling will make u happy and glad..
and by giving love to people..u never know how much they might need that
believe that we r rich by love and deadly poor by hate !!
let the grudge go ...and try not to mistake
oneday we'll have nothing in our hands except to show love and never miss the chance !
after u die, they will ask..and u will stay in their memories for last
but dont u just be in their them so as to be always in their hearts!
by all the good u do to them...the love and care...

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