one day

one day will come and prove how much am in love..
SOME DAY my love will appear...and show u how i feel..
i would face the world to be with u ,,
i would give my life to stay right next to u..
i would risk mylife ,i swear i would do !!'
cuz u r the best thing that ever happened to me one day
i love seeing u...cuz u really make my day,,
when i see ur beautiful face, it makes me stop and never wanna go away..
and when u r away from breath starts to go away..
i suffocate...and feel that i can die oneday..
so please stay right there...and dont move away..
cuz ur presence gives me life and gives me relief..
i hope that one day u know how much i want u to beleive..
that i watch u everywhere..and i love u .and .my heart starts to bleed..
i wanna tell u that i want u for me...but is it possible that u would accept me?
when i hear u say "I" i wish that it would be oneday "we" .
you and and and me !!
togethor i can see... us sitting there in da balcony..
watching movies and playing songs..never caring about who mocks
thats gonna be us oneday
i wont give up on us..!! i will dream and hope and never give up..
i will keep insisting on having u oneday...
cuz oneday am sure u will be for me! :)

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