i will wait for u

and i've been waiting for you so long
but it seems that you forgot me and i was wrong
i thought you still wanted me ..and i deceived my self
i believed all the lies and neglected everything else..
and because i want you so much...i will wait for one more time
maybe you will miss me ..and maybe i would cross over your mind
it is never too late, i will wait for you everyday
although you are far away..but i can still see your face
although i cant see you..but i still can feel you
and nothing could ever make me forget you..
and even if you didnt come...i would wait for you to come
maybe not tomorrow and maybe not now
but maybe not forever and maybe soon somehow,

i can wait for years for you to take my fears
i wont give up. cuz now i want you near ..
and thats my dream ,which i want to achieve..

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