society and life

and even if i smile doesnt mean that am fine !!
and even if i doesnt mean that am happy
i might be sad , i might be down but at least u can still see my smile..
however am breaking from inside....i will still have to live my life
u cant see my pain , how am suffering and how so much am blamed...
i did my best to satisfy U....but now am done with ur game !!
its true that people only see the happy side of u ..
and forget that u can be in sorrow and suffering too...
what a mean life we're leading?! oh! i mean too bad we're misleading !!
selfishness wins...and nobility loses..!! this is our life now
stand by the right..and u'll be a loser...
BUT LIE...and they will take their hats off for u also being a loser..!!
do it right or do it wrong....still in their point of view ..u r not strong..
so dont listen to them...cuz they will grab u down!!
like what they have done with me..and now am in my count down..
am going to explode soon...and stop them from being so rude!!!!
so do whatever u want ...and whatever u like u r alone
live like there's no one watching ,or mocking on u !!
free ur mind from the idiots around...cuz they will never shut their mouth!
ANYWAY...u will be judged any way..!! this is society , this is life and this is REALITY!

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