suddenly apart

we r suddenly apart....
and u broke my heart..
i never thought that u would that to me anyway
our love story was more than a fairytale !!
but it is now over because of my silly mistake..
our song is on the radio,but it doesnt sound the same
and here i am without u ,like a bird with 1 wing !!
am broken....can u hear me?
i need u ....can u feel me?
we r now done...but cant we fix it?

i remember every word u said to me ...and how u made me smile
i still feel ur hand on my hand ....and how i looked at u with admire :'(
now suddenly everything went wrong...
and it is killing ME and i cant be strong
we loved each other for 3 years continously
but u think that my mistake is so unbearably
that made u freely sell me without any sympathy
u feel satisfied for that break up.....
and i feel bad cuz we cant make up
if u can give me one more chance say am sorry
but u turned ur face away...and left me there with worry

what a beautiful gift u r giving me !!
before the valentine's day u call and break up with me..!!
when u said :we need to talk.!...i knew that we r going to fall apart!!
how is it so easy for u, to let me go after all the love i gave to u ..!!

now at least see me on the valentine's day...cuz i have had ur gift for 3 days ..
now am i gonna keep it? or i shall break it?!

i wish u all the best.....and i shall not say anything else

1-am gonna miss ur face
2-am gonna miss our old talks
3-am gonna miss everyplace togethor we went to
4-am gonna miss ur jokes
5-am gonna miss every word u said


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