sorry wont make a chang

saying sorry is easy...
but it wont make a change
cuz i will accept the word..but i wont forget ur mistake
what is new? what has changed? u said it to me and went away..
it affected me and i have to say...
u hurted me so much and the scars wont go away..
still u can see the tears in my eyes...the break in my heart...and the screams in my mind
but u think that "sorry" would make me feel okay..happy..calm ..damn what shall i say?
u said ur sorry just to take the blame away..and to stop feeling guilty day by day
u dont know how much am suffering cuz of ur silly mistake..
and now u r coming to apologize in such a rude way..
u r saying that u did the right thing and u said "sorry"
believe me ur word wont make any change..especially if i replied "dont worry"
too bad "sorry" is not gonna fix that thing..cuz it is just a word..
what do i need? i need to see ur actions...i dont need to see ur words..
cuz ur actions will speak louder than ur words...
maybe if u did something to me to show me how sorry u r,i would really forgive u from the bottom of my heart..
but u did nothing except saying "sorry" and suddenly u faded away..
its like ur doing it out of selfishness but u think its so okay..
u broke my heart and now ur sorry! will u accept me to break ur leg and run away sorry?
but u know what? iam the one who should be blamed..
for what? for being so frank ,so naive and so loyal,kind and green..
and as i should be blamed...i should also say "SORRY" i hope it will get u back ur aim!

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