Pass the Koolaid (Chug Chug Chug).

Tragedies build to a head just like this
Souls are inspired and then crushed like this


A kindred spirit within this strange land
A breath of fresh air clears the dust like this


Oh anonymous, oh ye unknown; speak
The moment has passed to be hushed like this


It's only the way it always has been
They lie when they say that you must like this


Rife favoritism, nepotism
I'm filled to the brim with disgust like this


A bit of gasoline, some kerosene
A match--and then nothing combusts like this


In this state, fire still plays second fiddle
To passion, to fury, to lust like this


But when the flames die, and the darkness comes
I wonder why I ever fussed like this


God is dead and morals are subjective
(Non-denominational thrusts like this)


To be or not to be? To dream a dream?
Old eyes and the jaded can't trust like this


So, we are left, frozen and immobile

And I, bitter, coated in rust like this

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Based on the guzzle format from the middle east, it usually involves religion and love, but I considered this to be a version that was similar but dismantled some of those ideas.

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